IAM aPersonal TelePresence AccessGrid Live Multicast Broadcast Booking Service
IPv4 and IPv6 AnySource ASM Channels

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IPv6 Multicast Booking Site

IPv6 Multicast Booking Site

Sports - Concerts - Emergencies - Conferences - Governance - NGOs - Training - Classes - Parties - Aged & Medical Care - Life - IP Multicast Booking Service

This "Event" reservation service for ASM (Any Source Multicast) "IP addresses" enables you to book, publish, join, manage, public and private "IAM Multicast" events to efficiently network live media and telemetry using the Internet. To participate you must be a subscriber to a multicast enabled Internet ISP service.

One IP address enables multiple cameras, audio and other sources to be Any Source Multicast (broadcast) across the CFH fiber network.

Subscribers to IAM multicast will use a federated logon as approved by the IAM Service Board, to access Accounts, Events, Groups and ASN association management. IPv6 multicast is fully supported and will be used in preference to IPv4 multicast.

Native multicast as stipulated and provided for in the CFH "Invitation To Partner" July 2010 will be available as a VLAN service on CFH-LFC networks and onto devices such as laptop, tablets and mobile wifi devices. It is ideal for your existing home-office theatre and/or on multiple big screen 32" plus LCDs in an apartment or office. This is for young and old, musicians, friends, student flats, business, study groups, government, education, ngos', faith, aged support etc.

This site generates 'GLOP' IPv4 and IPv6 multicast addresses (on-demand, duration 1hr, 2hrs...), 'booking' these network 'channels' from a base of 233.xxx.xxx.xxx IPv4 GLOP addresses. Enabling an unlimited number of Eye-balls with multiple Sources - However you do not incur unnecessary 3rd party server and network charges. This enables 1,000s of times the number of 'local' pay television channels available to base your live network on.

What is Multicast:

Multicast is a set of Internet protocols permitting enabled Internet Users to 'broadcast' and 'receive' different data-types "to and from" a virtually unlimited number of multicast clients. In contrast to "unicast Internet IP traffic" streams of multicast data-packets are automatically 'cloned' when necessary by the network, routing real-time data only to where upstream demand exists; so that one data packet on a single network segment serves the entire upstream demand. You will no longer need to subscribe to a live media server such as ACME to serve the local market. IAM enables 'live' telemetry, file transfer, Video, Audio, Chat and Whiteboard; plus other similar applications, as you have used before on basic Internet services. The multicast benefit for you is that neither as a content provider or consumer are you limited, nor charged, monthly data gigabyte quotas for multicast data used within the CFH LFC IAM multicast network. Multicast's network efficiency means that subscribers will not be overcharged nor the network congested due to excessive demand. This will protect all users and the integrity and capacity of the wider national Internet service.

This CFH-LFC RSP IAM service is a flat rate service where each user is limited to the Committed Information Rate (CIR) assigned to the VLAN premise's connection. The VLAN service is purchased either as a standalone product from IAM (CFH LFC RSP) along-side another (CFH-LFC-RSP) basic rate Internet service (for which multicast is not provided); OR contract IAM to deliver the multicast network service while the subscriber is subscribed to an IPv4 Internet unicast service provider.

A user account is free to establish and are subject to this sites Terms of Contract and the Laws of New Zealand.

IAM enables users of multicast enabled networks to book a single special class IP address which enables appliances/cameras in multiple locations to originate and broadcast 2D (and 3D) live video (and other types of live data stream) events which enables our society to communicate in a massively more efficient than with the present Internet; for gaming, concerts, conferences, creative work and for example to assist in human and engineering collaborative networking required to enable Christchurch to recover from the >5,000 after-shocks. This is a re-purposing of the university and CERN Research, multi-camera, multi-source, telemetry system which will integrate with the technological capabilities now used by the wider public and the "Next Generation". IAM thanks the University College of London and others for their contributions to collaborative multicast software.

Subscribers to IAM will be physically served using the NZ and A CFH & LFC FTTH & FTTB networks. IAM subscribers have a range of broadcast "source specific" multicast and personal "AnySource Multipoint Multicast" Booking Services for IPv4 &or IPv6 'live' education, emergency, music, corporate training, theatre, private, sports, business, entertainment, local government, general practice vocation, etc 2D or 3D Video events, gaming, file-push and other multicast telemetry data bursts. [ Subject to specific User Contract - No data-cap for any "IAM Communications" customers multicast traffic within the home CFH-LFC (TOBECONFIRMED)]. Access Grid Open Source audio video whiteboard and chat codecs and applications are supported.

IAM's indicative offer to Autonomous System Number (ASN) holders of 16-bit accounts; is that in exchange for permission to use their ASN 16bit address(es) as defined by ietf rfc (rfc3180 rfc5771) GLOP AnySource Multicast calculation which returns 256 IPv4 AnySource multicast addresses; IAM will provide the ASN 'holder' with; a permanent and private reservation to 64 addresses per ASN for their exclusive use; and a private Corporate Badged IAM Booking site for their organisations use. The ASN contributor is also able to on the entire public pool of additional channels from the entire shared Multicast, as defined in their user contract.

Following completion of an Events the multicast IP addresses are immediately released for booking by the next IAM PersonalAccessGrid User.

This site is enabled for mobile wifi enabled devices such as tablets, eg Androids and Apples etc. Contact michael.sutton@awacs.co.nz call +64 21 305500

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IPv6: You must enable IPv6 network services on your workstations to use IPv6.