Install Access Grid Security Certificate
Download and install the local Certificate Authority ROOT CERTIFICATE

The SSL security key system provides 256bit AES public key encryption and validation. It is required to install this Certificate.

If you have any questions please call Michael Sutton+64 21 305500.

Your browser will present the Certificate information screen automatically in which case you can begin installation by selecting the "View Certificate" and "Install Certificate" buttons, then following the wizard's directions.

Install Certificate:
Click "Install Certificate"..
Certificate Wizard Start:
Click Next.
Certificate Wizard Store:
Set the Location to automatic.
Installation Complete:
Select Finish.
Root Certificate Store Confirmation
Click "Yes".
To View Location of Trusted Root Certificate
In the menu of an MSIE Internet Browser select:
"Tools", "Internet Options"
Select "Content Folio"
Click "Certificates"
Select "Trusted Root Certification Authorities"
Scroll-down to ""